Welcome to my web site

My name is Dave and I am a man with a life-long, passionate and obsessive interest in breasts - preferably large ones or naturally lactating ones. I'm not at all weird - I just love breasts!

This is my personal web site - no subscriptions, nothing for sale - just a web site which, over the years, has helped me to meet hundreds of women interested in some very private and rewarding mutual fun.

Why do women meet me? Please have a look at the stories page for their own words.


Please pass on this web site address to any woman you think may be interested.

July 2018: area covered

I am based in the Midlands - from Leeds in the north to Northampton in the south.

My colleague Rob (see the contact page) looks after our mutual interest in the South East.

July 2018: Twitter page

Rob is responsible for the StudioB Twitter page and all posts under "Studio B" are from Rob - not from me - I don't have a Twitter account.

This web site is about meeting women for:

  • photography,
  • mutual fun,
  • both,
  • reward. (I am a generous person!)

More information

  • The About page tells you more about me.
  • The FAQ page answers most of your questions.
  • The Stories page tells you what women think of me.
  • The Meetings page shows how to arrange meetings with me.
  • The Contact page provides my contact details.
  • The Photos page shows some of the women I have met. I always respect the wishes of the women I meet. Sometimes they let me take photos but in most cases they not want their photos on this web site - so the photos shown are from women who have given their permission.

About meeting me

  • Dates and times for meetings are completely flexible.
  • I am totally discreet - no-one will ever know.
  • There are no strings - meetings are for photography and/or fun.
  • I am a generous person - so meetings can be very financial rewarding.
  • Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Almost all the women I meet have been introduced to this web site by a male friend:

"have a look at the NewStudiob.com web site - I think it would suit you."

Larger photos

Clicking on most photos on this site will show a larger version.

Photos are shown only when the woman agrees - I always respect a woman's wishes.

Some of the women I have met

Please click the image below for a larger version.

Yes, I know, I am a very lucky man and I would like to thank all the women I have met so far and all those who have introduced them to me via this site.