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My name is Dave and this is my personal web site - no subscriptions, nothing for sale. Find out about me on the About and FAQ pages.

I live in the countryside and when I step out on a bright sunny spring morning and watch the lambs bouncing around in the fields, I am awestruck as to how wonderful nature can be. I get exactly the same feeling when I see a magnificant pair of breasts released from their bra. I love looking at breasts: their shape, their smoothness, their weight, their softness, their .....

I have been obsessed with breasts for as long as I can remember but that has not stopped me enjoying long term relationships, having a successful business career or having a great social life - most of my female friends have no idea that I have a thing about breasts - I treat people as people - not as body parts!

OK, I admit, the boobs above are the absolute exception - the largest I have ever had the chance to enjoy. It is possible to have too much of a good thing and 99.99% of the women I have the peasure to meet do not have boobs this big.

Update: spring/summer 2018

Spring is when a young (well, middle aged) man's fancy turns to thoughts of .....

Calling large-breasted women - check out the stories of some women I have met.

I am very keen to have discreet meetings with suitable women.

From women I have met

This email is from a woman I met recently. When we met she told me her partner is no longer interested in her breasts - but she certainly enjoyed the attention I gave to them!

"I have always been embarrassed about the size of my boobs and I try to hide them by wearing baggy clothes. A friend told me about your web site but it took me ages to pluck up the courage to contact you, I was a bundle of nerves before we met but I want to thank you for quickly putting me at ease - you made me feel comfortable and secure. I really enjoyed the attention you paid to me (and my breasts!) - you have helped me to be more confident in myself - so maybe I will stop wearing the baggy clothes! Don't leave it too long before we meet again!"

This is from another who was in her early 50s:

"I was really surprised that you were so obviously excited by my breasts - I had never thought anyone would be interested in them at my age. I enjoyed our time together because you made me feel really valued. I will take your advice and buy some new bras with a bigger cup size - you can see them on your next visit!"

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Larger photos

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Photos are shown only when the woman agrees - I always respect a woman's wishes.

Some of the women I have met

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Yes, I know, I am a very lucky man and I would like to thank all the women I have met so far and all those who have introduced them to me via this site.