About me

Please pass on the NewStudiob.com web site details to any woman who might be interested in meeting me.

Facts about me

I am frequently asked "Are you for real?" and the answer is "Yes, I am - but I know it is hard to believe!"

So, here are some basic facts to show that I am indeed real.

If you are a female reader of this site please contact me and ask any questions you like to check that I am real and totally genuine. You can also check out my FAQ page which answers most of the questions I am asked.

What am I like?

That's not for me to say. However, I am always happy to put new contacts in touch with some of the other women I have met so they can get a totally unbiased opinion. I try to be a gentleman at all times (I know, that's very old-fashioned these days), I am polite, I never over-step the mark, I honour my commitments and I am totally discreet.

Looking for more large-breasted women

I worship ultra-large breasts and I want to meet more large-breasted women - for discreet private fun meetings or for photos.

My rules:

Male readers - do you know any such women?

Most of the women I meet have been introduced to this site by a friend - very often a male friend. I am very grateful for such introductions - though I can't offer any reward - except photos which may appear on this site. Some of the women I meet are happy for photos to be taken and to appear on this site - usually with the face pixellated out.

Are you such a woman?

If you are such a woman, and if you are visiting this site because someone mentioned it to you, why not contact me and ask all the questions you like?

There is nothing to be "scared" of (I'm a nice bloke - honest - lots of my women friends will confirm it!) and there could be some decent money in it for you - all totally private and discreet if you wish.

Don't forget - you call the shots and I always respect your wishes.

Where do I live?

I live in the East Midlands in the centre of England, near Nottingham, and I prefer to meet women within a 2 hour drive from home.

I tend to cover:

  South Yorkshire,
  West Midlands,

I have been known to make exceptions - in exceptional cases - I'll travel a long way if you have boobs like Linda's on a reasonably slim frame.

Do I have an ideal woman?

One of the joys of life is that we are all different - so to talk about an "ideal" is silly.

I have been very lucky to meet women of all ages - from 18 to 58 - and with widely different personalities and shapes - though they do tend to share two things in common - large boobs!

However, under pressure, I suppose my ideal for some no-strings, no-pressure fun would be:

You can see why I so much enjoyed my many meetings with Linda until she felt that she could no longer continue.

I have probably upset all sorts of people now: "I am younger than that", "I weigh more than that" etc.

I repeat what I said before: I love women, I love large breasts and I love nursing mums - and variations are the spice of life!