Contacting me

My only method of contact is email - not phone or social media.

My email address

Female readers - how to contact me

Please remember I am looking for private and discreet meetings with women with large breasts ("F" cup or larger) or nursing mums of any bust size (like Amber).

To find out more about me (please ask as many questions as you wish) or to arrange a totally private and confidential meeting, please send me an email with:

  • Your first name. To protect your privacy I don't want you full name.
  • Your location - the nearest town or post code will do at this stage.
  • Your age (approximately will do!)
  • Your breast size - get it from the label on one of your bras. I need the back size in inches and the cup size.
  • A photo of your breasts. This can be a neck-down mobile phone photo if you wish. Rest assured, I will not show this photo to anyone else
  • Roughly when you would be available to meet: mornings, afternoons, evenings etc.

Male readers - can you help?

Please remember I am looking for women with large breasts ("F" cup or larger) or nursing mums of any bust size (like Amber).

I am also interested in new entries or updates for the escorts page.

Most of the women I meet are introduced to this web site by male friends - for which I am very grateful.

Please pass on this web site address, - the woman can take it from there by contacting me via email.

In most cases women will look at the site several times before plucking up the courage to contact me - in one case it was six months between a first look and our first meeting.

A friendly word

I want to say this in the most friendly way possible but I am bound to upset someone - so "sorry" in advance.

This is a personal site, set up in my own selfish self-interest - I am not an advice centre to help blokes find large-breasted women.

I don't send photos to anyone and I don't say anything more about the women on this site than you see here. I respect the privacy of the women I meet.

If you want to find out more about an escort on this site - go and see her or look on Punternet or AdultWork - please don't ask me.

Tell a friend about

We all benefit from more people visiting this site - I get to meet more women and more photos may appear on this site.

Please let your friends know about this site - and if you spot a suitable woman, please ask her to visit this site:


Most of the photos on this site have been taken by me and I have no objection to them being used elsewhere subject to three conditions:

  • Permission is not granted for the use of images not currently on this site - so please do not use older images.
  • You cannot charge for them or use them as part of a subscription site - they are free!
  • You must acknowledge that they came from this site:

Please contact me if you are the copyright owner of any other photos on this site. I will be happy to add a suitable acknowledgment and link to your site.