Additions and changes

I try to keep this list up to date but I rely on information from escorts and visitors to this site.

Please let me know of new entries (see below) and changes.

Please let me know if an escort is no longer working.

Please mention the NewStudioB web site if you visit an escort.

New entries for escorts

  • Entries are free - no charge, no strings.
  • You can edit or delete your entry at any time by sending me an email.

To add an entry just send me an email with:

  • Your name to go on this site.
  • A photo: from the neck down, showing breasts, would be fine.
  • Your location: nearest city, town, area will do.
  • Contact details: phone number and/or email address.
  • Web site link if you have one e.g. AdultWork.
  • Bra size: that's what this site is all about!
  • Anything else you would like to add to your entry.

Advice for escorts

  • Don't answer calls where the number is withheld.
  • Don't answer detailed questions by phone/email. Simply say: "we can talk about that when you visit."
  • Hang up instantly if the caller becomes offensive.
  • Don't allow a call to go on for more than one minute. Time is money and some callers get turned on by chatting - they will waste your time.
  • Install a blacklist app on your phone so you don't have to answer calls from people who have become time wasters.
  • Don't read emails from anyone who has annoyed you before - just dump them.
  • Add a filter to your email system so time-wasters go straight to the waste paper basket.
  • Never call back by phone or send a unexpected email to someone who contacts you unless they specifically ask you to. Marriages have been destroyed by less!

Advice for those visiting escorts

  • Remember to be polite: good manners and respect are all important.
  • Don't be a time waster. You may get turned on by phone calls and swapping emails, but an escort will not - you are wasting her time.
  • Don't ask detailed question on the phone or by email: "will you do this, will you do that?" etc. The photo and details here should be enough for you to decide if you want to visit. All you need to say is: "I saw your details on and I wonder if you are free on Thursday?"
  • Turn up on time. Never turn up early (it could be embarrassing for someone else) and never be late. Call if you are delayed for any reason.

Latest additions

Lactating Alexis

  • Bust size: 36FF - lactating as of February, 2021
  • Location: London
  • Web site:
  • Email:


Lynn (Northern England/Scotland)

Alice from London (Bayswater)

Klarall of London (North Kensington)

  • Phone: 07897 417065
  • Bust size: 34KK


Entries are in alphabetical order by location.

Maggie from Birmingham

Ellie from Cardiff

Sarah from Chelmford

Suzy from Coventry

  • Phone: 07940 845900
  • Bust size: 44HH

Maxine from Coventry

  • Phone: 07968 091078
  • Email:
  • Bust size: 44H

Sammy Jo from Essex/London/Kent

  • Phone: 07944 440082
  • Email:
  • Bust size: 52J

Sherrie from Hampshire

Kelly from Kent (Rochester)

  • Phone: 07393 671078
  • Email:
  • Bust size: 36 "O" cup

Adell from Kent, London, Heathrow

Ever from Kent (Edenbridge)

Nicole from Leeds (Moortown)

Sarita from Liverpool/London

Klarall of London (North Kensington)

  • Phone: 07897 417065
  • Bust size: 34KK

Alice from London (Bayswater)

Nia from London (Fulham)

  • Phone: 7375 935211
  • Bust size: 40F

Sarah from London

Ruby Rose from London

  • Phone: 07749 073888
  • Email:
  • Bust size: 38H

Abbie from London

Amelie from London

Leah from London

Amanda from London (Hornsea)

  • Phone: 02083 403204
  • Bust size: 47J

Zoe from London (Hounslow/Heathrow)

Rosie from Milton Keynes

Aveline from Manchester

Cassie Lou from Northampton

Paula from Nottinghamshire (Mansfield)

Kate from Stafford

Lynn (Northern England/Scotland)

Adell from Surrey (Farnham)

Jade from Tamworth

Teresa from York/Leeds