Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am always happy to answer questions so please contact me if you have one that is not covered here.

Are you for real?

A lot of people ask me this - even women at a first meeting!

The Internet is a funny place and it is difficult to decide what is real or not - and who can be trusted or not.

Yes, I am real - everything on this site is for real and I am exactly what I say I am - a man obsessed with breasts and keen to meet women with large breasts, nursing mums or both!

Of course, the only way to be sure is to meet me - and I am pleased to say that every single woman I have met has been put at ease within minutes of meeting me - not one has told me to go away after first meeting me,

I am exactly as described on this site - no more and no less - I just have an obsession!

Why are you so obsessed with breasts?

I have no idea. Perhaps I was breast-fed and enjoyed it - or not breast-fed and missed it!

Since puberty I cannot remember a time when I was not obsessed with breasts. It has not been critical to my long term relationships (other things are far more important in relationships) but it is something I have always enjoyed.

It is a cross I have to bear through life - but I am not complaining - quite the opposite! (It sure beats golf as a hobby!)

What is your first breast-related memory?

At around the age of 13 I was riding my bike to school one morning and passed a neighbour who was hanging out the washing.

She bent forward to take out the next item and her blouse fell open to reveal a pair of huge breasts in a half cup bra. An instant erection (ah, the joys of being a teenager) was not comfortable on a racing bike!

What was your first large pair of breasts?

Well, obviously I was interested in the breasts of all my girl friends and I have fond memories of removing bras in hay fields during my teenage years. However, none of them were particularly large breasted. (Good relationships are not a function of breast size - or the size of anything else come to that!)

When at University I made contact with some of Harrison Marks' models and I enjoyed sessions with Paula Page and Monique Deveraux. Monique lived not too far from me so I had many happy hands-on sessions with her - including some sessions in my own home.

Linda was probably the first really large breasted woman I got to know well and my only regret is that I did not see her more often.

Where do you meet?


  • In most cases at the woman's home. That's where she feels most secure and where she will feel most relaxed. I am the master of discretion and I guarantee to be the invisible man - no car parked outside, nothing out of the ordinary. The door bell rings, I go in. After a while, I leave. No fuss, no bother.
  • Hotels. I don't like meeting in hotels - in fact I absolutely hate them - I have been in far too many during my business life and I find them totally soul destroying. I don't feel relaxed in a hotel but I do sometimes make an exception!
  • At my home. I have invited a very small number of women to my home - usually after we have had several meetings and we are totally relaxed in one another's company.

When do you meet?

At almost any time convenient to the woman concerned. This may be:

  • Week days - mornings, afternoons or evenings (not weekends.)
  • During school hours while the kids are at school (and when hubby/partner is at work!)
  • When hubby/partner is away for a while - yes, this does happen - a lot!

Morning or afternoon on a week day suits me best - but I am open about it.

Would you do a pre-meeting meeting?

Yes, I sometimes meet a women in a pub, bar or cafe close to her home before going on for a "real" meeting.

That way she can talk to me and find out exactly what sort of person I am.

A pre-meeting has never failed to lead to a real meeting.

How many women have contacted you?


How many women do you visit?

I visit about one in four of the women who contact me and, on average, that works out at about one per month.

Why don't you visit all your contacts?

Various reasons:

  • Some are too far away. I concentrate within about two hours of my home in the East Midlands. I do make exceptions - the woman with the largest pair of breasts I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy lived near Newcastle on Tyne - three hours each way by car! However, it was well worth it because when her bra came off I was speechless and immediately suffered a certain tension in the trouser department!
  • Some don't send me a photo (boobs only taken with a mobile phone is fine.) Without a photo I have no idea what I am going to see.
  • Some are not really the type I am looking for. We are human, we get on with some people straight away, others we never really warm to - that's life.

Do you pester women after meetings?

Never, ever! I am never a pest or a pain in the neck!

I contact women only to arrange future meetings and, if a woman preferred not to be contacted again then I would do as she wished.

No woman has ever asked me never to contact her again and several contact me regularly just for an email chat about life, the Universe and everything. I have a sympathetic ear.

In some cases they contact me for business or career advice - because I have a fair bit of experience in business and I don't mind helping out whenever I can. A few have asked me to sort out their computers for them (another of my areas of expertise) and we always come to an arrangement for a reward when the job is done!

Where are you based?

I am in the Midlands area of England (see the list on my about page).

I try not to travel more than 2 hours away from home - though I do make exceptions for truly magnificent breasts or lactating mums!

How often do you meet the same woman?

That's impossible to say because it varies from woman to woman. Some women really ring my bell and others don't - but that's just human nature as we all know.

Sometimes I may contact a woman within days of a meeting and arrange the next one - that was the case with Wendy (the largest breasts I have ever seen) - I think I contacted her within 24 hours of our first meeting.

My great regret with Linda was that I did not see her often enough. Over the years I saw her dozens of times - but it should have been hundreds and I kick myself every day about it. If she had not been a 3 hour drive away I would have seen her every week!

Are you married?

Yes, I have been happily married for almost 30 years.

Does your wife know about you "hobby"?

Yes, she has always known. We have an excellent and very happy relationship but we don't talk about my hobby and I am very discreet about pursuing it.

How old are the women you meet?

From 18 to late 50s.

I have met women from students who need some cash to help with student loans to retirees who want some fun! I am not ageist and older women have the advantage of experience.

Of course young firm flesh is very nice but my experience shows that breasts retain their attraction for a very long time - they may get fuller and sag a bit - but I like that!

Do you take photos of the women you meet?

If the woman agrees I like to take private photos to remember the meeting.

Of course, I always respect a woman's privacy and I never show photos to anyone else without the women's permission. That's why, in most cases, photos do not appear on this site.

When a woman agrees, I post photos to this site - in some cases with face obscured or with the photos from the neck down - again, to protect the women's privacy.

My number one rule is that what the woman says, goes. I always ask permission (for anything!) and I always respect the woman's wishes.

Without trust this site would not work and I would not have met many of the wonderful women I have met over the last few years.

Some women don't allow photos at the first meeting but usually, when they realise they can trust me, they change their minds.

Are you interested in photos-only meetings?

Yes. Some women are happy with some hands-on mutual pleasure, others are not. I respect their wishes.

I am certainly not into porn and I am not into hardcore in any way. You can judge for yourself the sort of things I like by looking at the photos on this web site.

Remember; the woman is always in control and I am extremely well-mannered - I always ask first and woman always has the right to say "no".

Do you pay the women you meet?

Normally yes.

There are a few women who get a buzz about someone admiring their boobs and they want some fun - not the money.

The woman and I normally agree a payment before I visit - and I am always open to negotiation!

How much do you pay?

It depends on what the woman is happy to do and what she would like.

Meetings with me can range from simple "breast appreciation", through to more clothes-off fun (no sex) and to photographs for private use or publication.

The first thing to arrange is a trial meeting so we can get to know one another - we can decide payment beforehand.

Why are you into breast milk?

I have no idea. Maybe I enjoyed being breast fed or maybe I wasn't breast fed - my mum never said.

I have always been interested in lactating breasts since I became interested in sex. I love breasts doing what they were designed to and there is no greater pleasure than settling down to quietly suck at a pair of milk-filled breasts! Wonderful - and not at all weird!

Why do women contact you?

In most cases they have been told about this web site by a friend - often by a male friend - but it is amazing how many women I have met who have been told about the site by female friends or relatives.

They read this site, think about it (sometimes for weeks!) and eventually pluck up the courage to send me an email.

I know what it is like. This site tickles their fancy, they are interested in finding out more but they can't be sure I am for real - so, they hesitate and think carefully about it before saying "what the hell, I can't lose anything - at least it is worth finding out some more."

After that it comes down to motive.

Sometimes they just need to make some tax-free cash.

More often it is to try something slightly edgy, slightly out of the ordinary, the unknown, in a totally private, discreet, "no-one will ever know" manner.

They may be separated/divorced/widowed but just want some absolutely-no-commitments fun.

Sometimes it is because they are taken for granted by their partner and their boobs are not receiving the attention they deserve. I consider that this shows great disrespect towards women and I do my best to rectify it!

Believe it or not, it may be that a women with absolutely magnificent boobs reaches a certain age, when the family is a certain age, and the only men she meets are interested in "wham, bam, thank you mam." I can do better than that!

Exactly what happens during meetings?

This varies.

Obviously my primary interest is in breast play and things are entirely up to the woman concerned - but I do not go for full penetrative sex.

I am very polite - I always ask first and the woman's decision is final.

Take a look at the photos on various pages of this web site and you can see that I go to different lengths with different women - it is entirely up to her how far she wishes to go.

How do women find out if you are genuine?

Trust is everything to me - women need to be totally sure that their privacy is safe with me - and it is. Over the years I have built up a reputation for being open, honest, trustworthy, reliable and totally discreet - and I am proud of that reputation.

I can put new contacts in touch with women I have met before and they can ask whatever questions they wish.

Sometimes we arrange a pre-meeting, in a pub or bar, so the woman can find out about me before we have a private meeting.

I am "what you see is what you get" - and exactly as described on this web site - but of course women quite rightly want to be sure.

Do you have fun?

Duhh! I certainly have fun!

I know that women are very good actors when it comes to anything associated with sex but I am old enough and wise enough to know when a woman is enjoying herself or not - and the women I meet certainly seem to enjoy our sessions together.

What is your ideal woman?

Variety is the spice of life - we are all different and no two pairs of breasts are the same. I love them all!

Women seem to worry about saggy breasts that come with size, age and possibly child rearing. All I can say is that some of the most magnificent breasts I have seen have pointed almost vertically downwards! I love them!

If pushed, I would say perfection is intelligent, petite, slim and well stacked! Linda came very close because she combined a truly magnificent pair of huge breasts with a narrow back and a very friendly personality.

On the other hand, all lactating breasts are spectacular - no matter what size. I love sucking milk from a breast. Some people find that weird - but it takes all sorts to make the world and I like breasts doing what nature intended them to do - and to joining in! Those who find it weird are missing out on a very erotic experience - for the man and for the woman.

What are the largest breasts you have seen?

Linda had magnificent breasts on a slim frame - paradise - but the largest and heaviest pair belong to Wendy - who, at her request, no longer has photos on this site.

Is size everything?

Absolutely not, but it helps!

If one is entering a relationship with someone then the size of breasts is totally irrelevant - there are far more important things involved in a relationship than the size of breasts - or the size of anything else!

However, when one wants some mutual fun, breast size is a major factor (for me). If it can be combined with other things - prominent nipples, slim frame, friendly personality etc. then that is a bonus. Of course, a pair of large lactating breasts is the ultimate!

Why did you set up this site?

For personal reasons - to meet large-breasted and/or lactating women for discreet meetings - and to have some fun!

How do you fund this site?

A web site costs almost nothing to run - as long as you have the skills to create your own web pages. So, there are negligible site costs.

How long has this web site been going?

Over 12 years.

How many site visitors do you get?

Over 2 million unique hits a year (yes, two million!)

I find this very strange because I don't sell anything, I don't charge a subscription and I have no motive apart from meeting more large-breasted women.

Has it worked?

Yes - it has certainly worked!

Over the years it has helped me to meet hundreds of women, and to enjoy hundreds of pairs of breasts.

This site represents the tip of the iceberg because most of the women I meet do not want to appear in public - and I always respect their wishes.