Women I have met

This page represents the tip of an iceberg because most of the women I meet (90% plus), even if they are happy for me to take photos for my private use, do not want their photos to appear on the Internet - and I always respect the wishes of the women I meet.

I have selected a small number for this page.

... and, before you ask, yes, I know I am a lucky man. However, I work hard at my hobby and I am very grateful to all the women I meet - I enjoy myself and I do my best to ensure they enjoy themselves - and they certainly don't go away empty handed!

On this page


Amber was my first breast-feeding mum and I met her thanks to an introduction from a male reader of this site.

She was very understanding at our first meeting (I was shaking like a leaf) - and she showed me how she could express milk, how she could squirt it yards across the room and how I could milk her by hand.

I could not believe how wonderful it was - like a dream come true - I was on a cloud as I drove 40 miles to home.

Amber did not have large breasts but that certainly did not limit her milk flow. She told me the ideal time to visit and on no occasion did I manage to empty both breasts - not for the want of trying though!

Amber was a super person and was just starting on a college course when I last saw her. I hope things have turned out well for her.

If anyone knows where she is perhaps they would be good enough to pass on my very best wishes - and my thanks for some of the most glorious hours I have ever spent!

I love lactating breasts - the whole idea of breast feeding really turns me on!


Sammie was brilliant!

There was absolutely nothing about Sam that was wrong - she was just perfect!

She was very bright and had a fantastic bubbly personality. And that body! Wow! Large breasts on a small frame - gorgeous!

Again, I met her thanks to a male reader of this site and I was fortunate enough to see her several times before she stopped modelling and returned home to mum - after some boyfriend trouble.

Why are so many men so predictable: jealous, possessive and sometimes violent - a real pain in the backside? No-one owns anyone in this world and each of us is a free spirit - trying to dictate what someone else can and cannot do is a sure-fire way to kill a relationship.

Young women like Sam don't come along very often - and I am just thankful that I met her before she gave up.

I treated Sam to a new PC so that she could communicate via email - but unfortunately she had to return it when she decided to go home to mum.

She demonstrates a very unusual typing method!


I met Monique (also known as "Magnificent Monique" or "Monique Devereaux") when I was a university student and I discovered that she lived in Wolverhampton and worked for a photographic studio in Walsall. I made arrangements to visit to take some photos and I saw her many times after that and enjoyed some very happy times with her.

The only downside was that she was one of the first models to use implants - and in those days they were far too resistant to the touch! Personally I dislike implants, I think a woman's breasts look fine as nature intended: young and pert or older, larger and heavier.


Linda, Pat and me - enjoying one of my favourite pastimes!

I met Pat in Wolverhampton. Her breasts were very large and very soft and they hung heavy to her waist.

I have spotted other photos of her on the Internet so I imagine she did some modelling after I met her.

Boobs only

Many of the women I meet are happy for their boobs to be shown here - but nothing else!

Note: sorry, there are no larger images of these photos.