I first met Linda in the 1980s following an ad placed in the "Phoenix" contact magazine.

I met her many times between then and the early 2000s and every meeting was a truly memorable experience.

During the 1980s she did a small amount of professional modelling and she appeared in various magazines in the UK, Europe and the USA as "Penny" or "Mary".

She was a great person to be with and those breasts, on a slim frame, were mind boggling!

She has been retired for many years now I would like to thank her for all the enjoyable times I spent with her - I only wish I had seen her many, many more times.

Request for information

I am trying to find out who took some videos on xhamster.

One of the videos, "mary 03", was taken by me (and clearly shows that her boobs got bigger as she got older) but there are two others, "mary 01" and "mary 02".

Please contact me if you know who shot these videos

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