Stories and comments

Thanks to this site I have met hundreds of women over the last few years and each of them has a story to tell - and reasons why they eventually contacted me.

The stories here are true but the names have been changed to protect the women concerned.

Privacy, confidentiality and trust

I respect other people's privacy and I expect them to respect mine. I am very discreet and unobrusive if a woman invites me to her home.

What is done and said between two consenting adults is entirely between them - it is no one else's business. No one has a right to interfere with someone else's happiness as long as no harm is done. I never reveal anything said to me in confidence.

Trust is the highest priority for me. Very few of the women I meet appear on this web site - the ones that do have given their permission. I never provide information or photographs to third parties without permission. I always repect a woman's wishes: "No" means no and "yes" means yes!


Lisa was told about this site by a male friend, she sent photos (in a sweater to start with, then in a bra - but not out of the bra!) and we exchanged emails.

She was in her late 50s and bored. Her son and daughter had left home (she was now a grandmother) and life was drifting along. She was bored with her husband - who hadn't laid a hand on her magnificent breasts for years - and she wanted to spice up life a little. In fact, she didn't consider her breasts to be "magnificent" - too large and suffering slightly from the effects of gravity - she was embarrassed by them!

She lives a short car drive from me so I suggested a meeting at my place - which I don't normally do. She turned up and was a bag of nerves so we sat down in the kitchen and had a long chat over a cup of coffeee - she was a very easy person to talk to and she soon relaxed. We moved to the living room and she took off her sweater - it was very obvious that her large white bra contained equally large breasts! She allowed me to unclip the bra and as it slipped off her shoulders her magnificent breasts came into view. It didn't take me long to tell her how wonderful they were - followed by a lot of fun for a couple of hours.

The second time she agreed to an overnight stay and we met in the car park of a Premier Inn at 3:30pm. I loved the way her boobs (38" J) swayed under her sweater as we went up to the room!

She was great to talk to and over dinner at the nearby Brewers Fayre we discussed everything from relationships to politics - thought I found it hard to concentrate on my steak with the sight of her boobs (sweater but no bra!) just across the table!

Lisa was very happy with fairly rough breast play and she really enjoyed her nipples being sucked hard - I was happy to oblige!

I had an absolutely fabulous time and by the time we we parted at 11:00am the following morning she was no longer embarrassed by the size of her breasts - she is now proud of them and she knows the effect thay have on men like me! She left weighed down with £1,000 in cash in her purse. The following day she sent me an email saying her breasts were a bit sore but she was looking forward to doing it again!

Highlights: seeing her heavy breasts spill out of her bra for the first time, watching her walk naked with her breasts swinging, watching her bend over with her breasts hanging vertically downwards, waking up at 06:20am to see her asleep on her back with one large breast flopped over to one side within an inch of my mouth - I was sucking the nipple when she woke up!


Sarah also learned about this site from a male friend and she contacted me as Covid restrictions were being relaxed. She sent me a couple of boobs-only photos taken on her smartphone, asked lots of questions and we swapped several emails before she agreed to meet.

She is a single mum in her mid 20s and was breast feeding a two month old baby.

My visits are usually between one and two hours but Sarah agreed to meet me for most of the day - from 10:00am until 3.00pm when her other child returned from infant school. As usual, I arrived and left discreetly with my car parked two streets away from Sarah's home - the original invisible man!

Sarah had gone from a 36 "C" to 36 "D" while breast feeding.

I had a fantastic time - and Sarah ended up with £1,000 in her purse!

Highlights: breast feeding (obviously!), using a manual breast pump, watching her squirt jets of milk from her nipples and watching drops of milk ooze continuously from her naked nipples as we had a light lunch at the kitchen table! Her baby didn't go short while I was there and at no point did her milk supply dry up - despite my best efforts!

Comments from women I have met

  • From a new mum in her early 20s - her breasts were "C" cup:

    "A male friend told me about your web site but when I looked I thought my breasts were too small for you. I saw you were interested in lactating breasts and the photos of Amber so I decided to take the risk and contact you - and I am glad I did! My ex-partner lost interest after the baby was born but I will never forget the look on your face when I took off my bra and squeezed the first drops of milk from my nipples. I hadn't realised how much it turned some men on - and it obviously turned you on! I enjoyed breast feeding you - a very different experience from feeding my baby, and, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Many thanks for your very generous contributions after our sessions together - and I look forward to keeping my milk flow going as long as possible for you."
  • From a woman who told me her partner is no longer interested in her breasts - but she certainly enjoyed the attention I gave to them!

    "I have always been embarrassed about the size of my boobs and I try to hide them by wearing baggy clothes. A friend told me about your web site but it took me ages to pluck up the courage to contact you, I was a bundle of nerves before we met but I want to thank you for quickly putting me at ease - you made me feel comfortable and secure. I really enjoyed the attention you paid to me (and my breasts!) - you have helped me to be more confident in myself - so maybe I will stop wearing the baggy clothes! Don't leave it too long before we meet again!"
  • From someone in her early 50s with "G" cup breasts:

    "I was really surprised that you were so obviously excited by my breasts - I had never thought anyone would be interested in them at my age. I really enjoyed our time together because you made me feel really valued. I will take your advice and buy some new bras with a bigger cup size - you can see them on your next visit!"

Why do women agree to meet me?

There are obvious financial reasons (I am a pleasant, friendly and generous man!) but that is not the only trigger than causes women to contact me.

  • Women are bored. Life has become a routine. Looking after a family, while holding down a job in most cases, becomes a chore and time drifts by in the same old way. All the excitement has gone out of life - if it was ever there in the first place.
  • Women are neglected. Relationships start in the red-hot heat of lust and passion (or not!) but time has a habit of calming things down. It never ceases to amaze me how many women I meet who feel ignored. They may not be the same shape they were at 18 (life can be cruel) but they still have the same desires - yet they find themselves taken for granted or even treated as a doormat. Many men are like teenagers, they are easily bored, they quickly tire of "the same old", they crave the new, something different, they move from one time-absorbing interest to the next - and women get neglected along the way.
  • Women are trapped. When we are young the world offers endless possibilities. As we get older we enter relationships, we have steady jobs, we have kids to bring up and we become trapped in the routines of day-to-day living. Sometimes relationships are held together for no others reason than duty towards family and financial security. That generates a feeling of being trapped.
  • Women lose confidence in themselves.

Loss of confidence can happen in two ways: intellectually and physically.

Many women don't achieve their real potential before they start having children. Only later do they realise that they could have done more with their lives. This leads to frustration and depression - but it can also act as a trigger to return to education and to get on with life.

Women and their bodies - a topic for a book!

Few women are entirely happy with their bodies (that's an understatement!) Their boobs are too big, too small or not the same size, their legs are too short or too fat, their lips are too thin, their tummies are not as trim and neat as they used to be - the list is endless.

Body dismorphia, a distorted view on how you look or how you are seen by others, is the cause of much illness amongst women - anorexia or bulimia in teenagers and younger women, depression in older women.

The most outstanding case of this I met was W - see below.

W's story

W was in her 40s when she contacted me by email early in 2008. A female friend of hers had mentioned my site in 2007 but she had taken over six months to pluck up courage to contact me.

I asked her to send me a photo - boobs only would do - but she said no. Instead she said: "My boobs are bigger than any on your web site - I don't think you will be disappointed."

She lived a long way from me - at least three hours each way - so I delayed a little and she contacted me again. This time I was in the right mood and set off.

I arrived at a nice well-kept modern house and I was greeted at the door by W. She won't be upset if I say she was a little overweight and the size of her boobs was not obvious from the loose clothes she wore - something many women do to avoid too much attention to their breasts.

We went into the front room, she sat on a sofa and we had an initial chat. She was very nervous so I told her about myself and answered any questions she had - she didn't have many because she had read this web site dozens of times before contacting me so she knew exactly what I was about!

The moment came when I said "Well, it's time to see why I'm here!"

Still sitting on the sofa she undid the buttons of her blouse and slipped it off to reveal a black full cup bra. Now the size of her breasts was becoming more obvious but it wasn't until I asked her to slip the bra straps off her shoulders and pull the cups down off her breasts that I saw what was on offer.

I am lucky, I have seen, handled and enjoyed, hundreds of breasts, but this time I was genuinely speechless. I had never seen breasts this large - not even on the Internet.

She saw that I was in a state of shock and asked: "Don't you like them?"

That is a typical question from a women who has lost confidence in her body. Not "Do you like them?" but "Don't you like them?" - a question expecting a negative answer rather than a positive one.

I soon made it clear that I did indeed like them - in fact, I liked them a great deal and, when she stood up and leaned over, I liked them even more! The painful and obvious bulge in my trousers spoke volumes!

There followed a fantastic couple of hours. I enjoyed myself (a great deal!), she enjoyed herself and I took some photos. She told me that I was only the second man who had seen her boobs naked - and her partner was no longer interested in them.

Driving home I could not believe what I had seen and done - in fact I stopped the car a few miles from her home and checked the images on the digital camera just to be sure! As soon as I got home I sent her an email thanked her for seeing me and asking to see her again the following week.

Over our next few meetings she changed. She realised that her body was not only attractive to me, but also to others. I offered to introduce her to some of the trustworthy readers of my site and she agreed. I provided the email addresses and she took it from there. During the next few months she met a few more people who share my obsession.

She gradually became more confident about her body and about herself as a person. We had long chats about psychology, education and work and she began to develop a much more positive view of life.

This story does not have a happy ending. W died of a heart attack, possibly brought on by overweight, in 2014.

There is a positive note. I received an email from her parrtner, from whom she was separated, letting me know of her death. He and I had never met but he thanked me for helping her to feel much happier with herself during the few years after I first met her. "You seemed to give her confidence that she never had before."

I am not a councillor, I am a bloke who is obsessed by breasts, but I am also a human being and I like to understand people and to help them. Obviously her death is very sad but I enjoyed meeting W (and her breasts) and I am pleased that she got as much out of it as I did.