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This page is for women who would like to meet men with a similar interest to mine but who do not wish to become escorts. I may or may not have met some of these women but I cannot, and will not, provide any information beyond that shown in the entries below.

Information for interested women

Entries are free so let me know if you would like to be added to this page - see the examples below for the sort of information you should supply.

To protect your privacy I act as a filter for contacts and I will only pass on emails from men who provide a reasonable amount of information about themselves. You are under no obligation to respond - so don't reply if you are not interested.

There is no excuse for bad manners so please let me know of anyone who becomes a pest, or fails to turn up to meetings. I will blacklist him on this site and I suggest you set up a blacklist for his address on your email system.

Information for interested men

Important note

The women shown here are interested in some private fun and some additional income so you may need fairly deep pockets to meet them.

The activity that goes on, if and when you meet, is entirely between you and the woman concerned. You may ask but "no" absolutely means "no" - so don't visit with false expectations.

I hate bad manners so if a woman tells me she is unhappy with you, for any reason, I will not pass on any further emails and I reserve the right to pass your email address to other women so they are aware of the problem.

You can make contact with these women by sending me an email containing:

  • Your name (first name only).
  • Your approximate location.
  • The name of the woman you would like to meet (see below).
  • Some background information about yourself that I can pass on to the woman concerned - e.g. age, height, weight, education, career, interests, previous experiences etc. The more detailed and interesting you make this, the more likely you are to get a response.

My only role is to pass on emails - I won't answer questions about the women shown below.

I will tell you when I have passed on your details and it is then up to the woman to contact you. If you don't hear anything from her it means she is not interested - and there is nothing I can do about that - it is her decision.

The information you provide is known only to me and the woman concerned - it will not be provided to anyone else.

Interested women


Bust size: 34GG.

Emma is based in the Midlands but travels about the country because of her job. She is mature, intelligent, well educated and well informed. She enjoys good conversation as well as the fun!

She is interested in meeting friendly, intelligent, well educated, well spoken, men over the age of 4 0 to help her supplement her income.

I have met Emma and I can't speak highly enough of her - she is a real pleasure to be with.

Want to meet her? Check out the arrangements described above.